Public Entrance, Outdoor Space and Entrance Hall

Submitted by (@janiewise)

Energy efficiency

The library renovation is a great opportunity for DC to showcase innovative energy efficient building technologies. It would be a great way to educate the public indirectly about advanced building technologies, plus it would make the facility more comfortable (too hot in there today!) and reduce energy bills. Will the project plans ultimately incorporate more aggressive sustainability measures than what is detailed in ...more »


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Finalist Architects' Design Ideas

Submitted by (@godzillajr)

Build a new main library

Look at the Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago, which opened in May 2011. The structure consists of an above-ground, 8,000-square-foot, 180-person capacity Main Reading Room. Four long rows of reading tables provide lighting and free electricity. Each table has space to which a patron can lock a laptop to an anti-theft device. If needed, the tables can be disconnected to provide for group study. Free wireless ...more »


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